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Stories that children love to hear and read!

By ‘bringing traffic cones to life’ the author has created a means of communicating with children free from the constraints of culture, colour, race and religion: within each story all Cones are equal, are everywhere and have a life of their own.

The young Cones are fascinated by human behaviour and are anxious to learn. Each story is designed around an adventure that involves being in a situation whereby they need to learn to deal with the fun but navigate the dangers they encounter while also being aware of the environment to see what they can do to help minimise or eliminate damage and the potential threat to fauna and flora.

Helping companies get their messages over to primary school children by using children's books based on the humble traffic cone coming to life and learning about human behaviour.

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My little boy demands to read his Cones book every bedtime. So perfectly pitched for youngsters to understand the world!