Checklist for successful content

Checklist for successful content

Checklist for successful content

Posted: 22/07/2021

We all want to make our mark on our social media platforms and we want our audience to engage and remember our brand through our content. But first we need to create successful content.

Success comes from content that gets traction and makes your followers react, you might attract likes, comments, shares, direct messages, it might raise a smile and as a result you gain new followers and one thing your analytics won't measure is how memorable it's been for your audience.

In a nutshell, it's content that hits the spot and instantly connects with your audience.

It shouldn't be solely aimed on selling and bringing in revenue but on your audience and followers pain points and once it's been viewed you should start to be seen as a go to person or company, the trust starts to build and in time leads and sales will follow.

We know how hard it can be for people to gather enough content to keep your feed busy and the last thing you want are a few restrictions to be thrown in. However please check your content ideas through the checklist below before you start physically creating your posts. It'll save you precious time and you'll thank me later for it.

Here's our checklist for successful content

* Make sure your content makes a difference to your audience/followers?

  • * Make sure your intention is good?  It's not all about you...
  • * Show off and demonstrate your knowledge, experience, and know how.
  • * Try and feature a product or service every now and again.
  • * Does it entertain, educate, inspire, or help your audience?
  • * If your content is aimed at a new audience,  make sure it's clear what you do.
  • * If your post is to gain new enquirers, make it easy for them to get in touch with clear call to actions.
  • * If the reason behind the post to gain sales make it easy and tag in your products.

All content falls into one of three categories, these being:

  1. 1.  Growth content
  2. 2. Nurture content
  3. 3. Money content

We recommend you post 40% Growth content, 40% Nurture content and 20% Money content, over the course of the month. If you do more than 20% of the Money related content, it will halt your following and people may even start to unfollow you. No one like to be constantly sold to.


If you are going through 'writers block' with  regards to your content, head over to our other blog posts, there are lots of informative posts that aim to inspire, educate and get your creative content mind working.Here's one blog that springs to mind. I wrote it back in October in hope you give my audience some food for thought for their content in 2021. You can read it here.

Here's more information on the three different categories.

Growth content does what it says on the tin - it aids growth in followers. It's aimed at cold prospects who don't know you, your company or your brand. You need to win over their trust to make them follow you, you can do this easily by giving something away like a fact sheet, a gift, free topical advice etc. 

Nurture content helps your already existing followers remain loyal. It's through this type of content your followers start to see the real you, like and trust you and your brand. Share your knowledge, show off your client reviews and start building trust. People buy from people and they buy quicker if they trust you.

Money content - is where you sell your products and services and hopefully bring in the money! Make it easier for your followers and tag in your products and link your shop. Alternatively if you are selling services, make sure you have the right call to action links, for collecting your leads.

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