DH Professional Solutions is growing!

DH Professional Solutions is growing!

DH Professional Solutions is growing!

Posted: 27/08/2021

This time next week the Director of DH Professional Solutions, Danielle Heward, will be welcoming her first employee!

12 months ago Danielle had only just figured out what she really wanted to do and who she really wanted to help after joining the NatWest Business Accelerator Programme and getting help from the AD:VENTURE programme.

By winter last year Danielle was earning enough to start outsourcing some things – something she would recommend anyone starting out now to do, as soon as you can afford to. There are some incredible people out there who can help you with finance, marketing, admin and more!

Earlier this year Danielle worked with Leeds Trinity University to provide Marketing placements for three of their students. One of these students, having been working with DH Professional Solutions over the summer, is now joining the business on a more permanent basis and Danielle couldn’t be happier.

Danielle is looking forward to seeing how much more impact she can have on the world and how much more value she can bring her clients with an extra brain and pair of hands helping out at DH HQ!