Getting electric vehicles to work for you and your employees

Getting electric vehicles to work for you and your employees

Getting electric vehicles to work for you and your employees

Posted: 27/02/2023

Fleetmaxx Solutions is keen to help our Association Partners switch from fuel-based vehicles to EVs with our smart charging solutions.

MaxxEV is a complete portfolio of electric vehicle products and services. We can walk you through every step of the way, from sourcing and purchasing EV vehicles (cars and vans) to recharging them and paying.

Business HomeCharge™ is the cheapest, greenest, and most convenient for EV drivers. Don’t just take our word for it; drivers often find it is far easier to plug their vehicles in overnight and avoid charging from public charge points, especially if it could take hours to recharge on the roadside.

That’s not all; Business HomeCharge™ can save your company up to 50% - 14p k/Wh, equivalent to 47p per litre of fuel.

How does it work? We have a choice of equipment to suit all homes. The system integrates with the driver's home charger and energy supplier to calculate the true cost of charging their EV. The charging activity is shown in the Fleet dashboard when you log on. You also get one monthly invoice to cover these costs. Meanwhile, driver home charge costs are automatically credited to their energy accounts.

We’d be delighted to help your business benefit and look after your drivers with the MaxxEV Business HomeCharge™. Visit our website or register for a callback to find out more.

Whether you have one or thousands of vehicles on the road, we can help reduce your running costs with discounted branded and tailored diesel, petrol, electric and pre-paid fuel cards, telematics tracking, dashcams, improving driver training, business insurance solutions, and much more.

Get in touch here─ we look forward to becoming your ‘trusted partner’.