Great call to action examples to smash your social media engagement

Great call to action examples to smash your social media engagement

Great call to action examples to smash your social media engagement

Posted: 10/11/2021

In this article, we want to share some great call to action examples to add to your social media posts to increase engagement. Running through reasons to use both easy and complex call to actions, you'll be able to get the conversation going with your audience for the right reasons after reading this. 

But, why should you bother to use a call to action on social media? 

Well, as you know your brand can share content to your audience for free on many social media platforms. By using some call to actions that create customer engagement, rather than always asking for direct contact, you will be able to establish a trusted relationship. Building the know, like, and trust element of your content is essential to getting social media engagement. 

What counts as social media engagement?

Engagement is a term used across many popular social channels defined by your audience (or 'fans') interacting with your content. Every like, share, re-tweet, and comment counts as social media engagement. 

Building your engagement levels means that your customers are more likely to support you and you're one step closer to opening the conversation with them. 

Call to action examples that lead to social media engagement includes a variety of things that you're encouraging your audience to do, which may not necessarily be to get in touch. 

Social media engagement also helps to spread your social posts to others who have similar interests to your audience. With the assistance of algorithms, if a customer of yours comments and likes your post, it's more likely their network and similar profiles will also see your post, too.

It's free advertising of your brand. Having a call to action that encourages comments can be an easy way to create a dialogue with others. 

What are the different reasons you would use call to actions on social media?

Different call to action examples will be used for different purposes. You can use a call to action to encourage any of these areas of your business growth - 

  • Brand awareness
  • Audience reach
  • Traffic to your website  
  • Lead generation
  • Sales  

Within the different call to action examples, there are things they can do to help your business overall...

Call to action examples for engagement 

For brand awareness, encouraging social media engagement will help to show your brand to more people, therefore more people will be aware of your company and will begin to trust you sooner. This will in turn increase your audience reach. 

Simple examples of call to actions for engagement would be - 

  • Like
  • Comment 
  • Share
  • Tag a friend

The more active your audience is in response to your content, the better it will perform on all social media channels, so adding call to actions can really help. 

If adding one for every post feels daunting, try some simple call to actions (like the ones listed above) with a quick suggestion, for example: 'tag a friend who would agree with this post', or ask a question at the end to encourage people sharing their thoughts in the comments. 

Another way you can create social media engagement would be to ask your audience to share their personal story through a #hashtag campaign. Creating a personalised hashtag can be good when brands are asking for people's response to a topical conversation, such as the #thislittlegirlisme campaign.

If you set up a branded campaign with a specific hashtag, people can follow it and your brand awareness will increase.

Call to action examples to increase sales 

If your product/service operates on your website, your social media call to actions may include links or buttons to lead them directly to the website. E-commerce websites do this especially well from social media, as you can click through to buy easily. 

Having a post that asks for engagement but has links to your website can create a good way to sell, without seeming 'salesy'. 

Call to action examples for landing pages 

You may also have a service that can be signed up for through your website, such as an online course, that can be accessed through a direct link or landing page. 

A landing page is usually a page that is promoting just one product/service at a time. You will normally find the navigation page is hidden and the aim of these landing pages is to get you to take one clear action, that's not always selling something. This could be signing up for a newsletter, joining a pre-sale waitlist, or accessing a free download.  

A landing page will usually require the visitor to enter their email address and so you gain a lead to drop into your marketing funnel.

By sending your social media followers to a direct landing page, you can encourage them to learn more and result in being directed to your clear call to action.

Examples of these more complex actions could include - 

  • Sign up now (online courses) 
  • Buy here (link to product or payment link) 
  • Book your appointment (consultancy)

A landing page can be created with third-party services such as Leadpages. They're easy to set up and use with drag and drop functions and give access to store your customer data. Other useful software includes ConvertKit which sits behind your landing page and collects the data for you, tags leads, and can automate email marketing sequences. 

A sales page is similar to a landing page but is focused on persuading the reader to buy something straight away. Using call to actions multiple times on a sales page is vital to make people take that final step of the purchase. 

Call to action examples for downloads 

Whether your audience is downloading something for free or paying, you can use call to actions to encourage them that your download is of value to them. 

What would you ask people to download? 

Many different documents are used across marketing, including; whitepapers, fact sheets, infographics, designs, templates, and are most commonly accessed with a gated download. This means in exchange for the customer's email address or payment, they receive a copy of your useful document.   These documents are called 'lead magnets' as they entice someone to exchange the email address for a download, and so you have the email address of a 'lead' (someone interested in your product/service).

Not only can this be a great social media topic to share, but it can also capture your audience's data to be used in the rest of your sales funnel. 

You could say any of the following call to action examples on your social media accounts - 

  • Get your free e-book
  • Sign up for your free template
  • Access the PDF now 
  • Claim your copy here

Tip: it's always good to explain the value they will receive by following these call to action examples. What's in it for them? 

What makes a good call to action?

As explained in detail in our previous blog post, 'How to write a compelling social media call to action in your posts'there are many ways you can approach your call to action. The more specific and personalised to your offer, the better they will perform. 

By simply adding a call to action to your social pages, you open up many opportunities to increase your overall company marketing presence online. 

To get help with your social media planning, I've created a notebook to help keep all your social media and digital marketing content ideas in one place. It's available from Amazon at just £5.99 and is called 'My Digital Marketing & Social Media Content Ideas Notebook'

Hopefully, I've given you some good call to action examples and ideas about how to include them in your social media posts to increase engagement and awareness of your brand. If you feel you need more help with your social media, please have a look at my various social media training courses.