How can we work together?

How can we work together?

How can we work together?

Posted: 21/01/2022

Congratulations, your business is growing that much you need a VA to support you in the background.

Now what? What next? More work right?

Here are 3 ways we can work together

1. One-off job
Not everyone needs someone there all time, something you just need that one task to go away so you can breathe again.

Getting that inbox to 0 so you can then take over
Logging all those receipts for those projects - perfect for the tradesman
Finding contact information for marketing reasons

2. Retainer package

I'll be there when you need me most.
You don't need someone there ALL the time, just every now and again to chase those late invoices, to book in those meetings, to send those updates to your clients, a couple of hours here and there every month.
The retainer package is perfect. (Min of 2 hours work a month max 3)

3. Daily/ weekly support

A fixed price every month to do set tasks every day/ week

Examples of what I do for clients who need this level of support

Email management - Going into your email every day and replying to those on behalf of you
Booking in new enquiries - First impressions are everything
Sending proposals
Chasing invoices
Sending invoices
Paying suppliers and staff
Logging staff hours
Logging receipts
Social Media

The list really does go on.

So now you know how we can work together, how can I help you?