P34B Achieve a Silver CSR-Accreditation

P34B Achieve a Silver CSR-Accreditation

P34B Achieve a Silver CSR-Accreditation

Posted: 16/03/2023

P34B is a professional services and coaching business based in Lancashire, which seeks to enable people and businesses to achieve more with less. It was announced this week that P34B have achieved a silver CSR Accreditation.

P34B are engaged in many industry sectors including education, charity, engineering, construction, aviation and nuclear. P34B continually demonstrates a passion for people, the community, and the environment whilst supporting businesses through project delivery.

CSR-Accreditation is based upon the four key pillars of environment, workplace, community and philanthropy. Accreditation takes a common-sense approach which maps the journey of an organisation and begins with the directors and employees own assessment of current efforts to be socially responsible.

Richard Collins said “We are delighted to be working with P34B – the values of the company reflect a commitment to CSR. P34B have made an excellent start on their sustainability journey.”He continued “We believe the professional services sector will benefit significantly from demonstrating a return on social investment in terms of staff engagement, retention, recruitment, tendering, supply chain management and brand visibility.”

Neil, Director, P34B adds, “We are proud to be independently accredited for our ongoing CSR commitments. Accreditation enables us to set a benchmark of performance against which we will drive continuous improvement and our market leading offering. Our CSR commitments are and will always be a core theme and strategic priority for the people, projects, partners, and businesses P34B supports”. 

Sarah, Director, P34B comments “our business all about doing the right things for people and businesses through projects.  This accreditation endorses our ongoing commitments”.

P34B are the first organistation on the GB Shared network to achieve this accolade. The GB Shared network of sustainable marketplaces & sustainable supply chain registers are the first of their kind and will create a standardised approach to UK sustainable supply chains by region, alongside sustainable accreditation. To find out more visit the Lancashare Sustainability page.

The great thing is businesses are probably doing a lot of positive things already reflected in the CSR four pillars. After all it’s amazing what we are already doing that we don’t talk about. CSR-A provides the perfect opportunity to tell your positive story...

CSR-A was founded in 2018 following the success of the International CSR Excellence Awards. The globally-focused organisation offers all businesses and charitable/not for profit organisations, regardless of size and sector, the opportunity to obtain official Environmental and Social Responsibility Accreditation within 10 weeks. In addition, CSR-A offers training courses, webinars and Impact Reports.

CSR-A has developed an easy to use, holistic framework that delivers an up-to-date standard for environmental and social responsibility and by default also addresses ESG compliance, SDG alignment, Net Zero and social value.CSR-A’s unique, common-sense approach offers a means to engage, benchmark, measure, report and publicise CSR initiatives.The “C” in CSR has been redefined to include companies, consumers, communities, charities and citizens.

The mission of CSR-A is to provide a platform to facilitate cultural change. The organisation has partner offices in the UK, Middle East, Asia and the United States.