Simple, affordable solutions for route optimisation

Simple, affordable solutions for route optimisation

Simple, affordable solutions for route optimisation

Posted: 30/01/2023

It sounds simple enough: get your day's orders together, arrange them in a logical sequence, check on directions to unfamiliar locations, and send the driver on his way. But multiply that by as few as five trucks, add customers with particular and limited delivery windows, and try to accommodate ever-changing road and traffic conditions while maximising driver and vehicle productivity.

Quickly, the simple job of routing a fleet becomes an overwhelming, time-consuming task. Forcing you to make daily compromises in customer service, fleet productivity, driver satisfaction, and overall efficiency. And all this matters because of the cost to your business.

Fleetmaxx Solutions introduce to our Association Partners: My Transport Planner, a revolutionary on-demand transport planning tool for commercial vehicle operators of all sizes.

We understand route optimisation software can be daunting for operators and, for owners, an onerous choice because of the complex IT integration and lengthy fixed-term contract.

My Transport Planner addresses these rejections by supplying all the benefits of route optimisation for your fleet without the hassle of implementation because it is a web-based pay-as-you-go platform. The key benefits will simplify operations by reducing planning time, reducing total mileage, increasing productivity, measurably lower costs, and decreasing carbon emissions.

My Transport Planner can optimise electric vehicles to ensure you work within their range capabilities and maximise your investment return. Our software is user-friendly, so you can start making savings straight away. The five simple steps are

1. Create an online account and buy credits to spend on each vehicle or route

2. Set up your resources, such as depots, vehicles, drivers, and other assets

3. Import all jobs such as deliveries, collections visits, or appointments

4. Allocate jobs by dragging and dropping to your preferred resources and allow my transport planner to optimise your routes or, as we say, drag and drop-timise

5. Receive an optimised schedule which you can download or push to a mobile app and supply correct delivery times to your customers

My Transport Planner is a simple, intuitive, and affordable solution to transport planning. You can choose between pay-as-you-go or flexible monthly payment options for My Transport Planner and My Transport Planner Pro. We also offer an API-only version which allows you to embed or integrate our optimisation engine within your existing systems. This offer means you can tailor a package to suit your budget and functionality requirements.

We would be delighted to help your business benefit from electrifying your fleet. You can book a demo today.

Whether you have one or thousands of vehicles on the road, we can help reduce your running costs with discounted branded and tailored diesel, petrol, electric and pre-paid fuel cards, telematics tracking, dashcams, improving driver training and business insurance solutions. 

Get in touch here─ we look forward to becoming your ‘trusted partner’.