Telling stories, making connections and raising money for comic relief

Telling stories, making connections and raising money for comic relief

Telling stories, making connections and raising money for comic relief

Posted: 08/03/2022

Why not try business networking with a twist this Comic Relief (Thursday 17 – Friday 18 March 2022). 

meeow is delighted to be taking part in this year’s Comic Relief fundraising by holding a sponsored 24 hour meeowathon. Starting at 6pm on Thursday 17 March, our co-founders Chris Rabbitt and Simon Glenn will be committing to a full day of networking sessions using both the meeow platform and 2 in-person events.

But what’s business networking got to do with comedy I hear you ask… well, read on. 

How it’s going to work? 

This 24 hour period is networking with a twist. Instead of your 2 minute pitch, you’re going to spend that time telling the funniest story that you have. It doesn’t even have to be business related – just something that shows who you are and makes people laugh. 

We all know that storytelling is the best way to engage with people, to bring them into your world. So, practice your skills and make people laugh… or just tell as many Knock Knock jokes as you like in 2 minutes! 

You can then spend the rest of the 45 minutes networking as usual. 

Basically, tell your funniest story, grow your business connections, and raise money for Comic Relief. It couldn’t be any easier! 

How are we raising money for comic relief? 

We’re not asking you to pay to network on the day. Instead, we have a Just Giving page set up where you and members of Chris and Simon’s networks can donate to this incredible cause. 

We’re also going to be holding 2 in-person events in Leeds city centre on Friday 18 March, which will have physical donation buckets if you fancy throwing in a few coins. 

In-person meeows? 

Yes, you heard that right! For the first time ever, we are going to be holding ‘live’ meeow sessions for small business owners across the Leeds area. Recreating the intimate and effective nature of a meeow in real life. They will be held 

8-9am at Mad Frans, LS1

5-6pm at Platform, LS1  (this is the last hour of the event, so could be an interesting challenge for Chris and Simon) 

Places are going to be strictly limited to 20 people per event, so make sure you book your ticket early. 

How to get involved

The best way for you to get involved is to go to the diary on the meeow site and book in your time slots for the event. (If you know anyone in Australia or West Coast USA who can help the guys stay awake throughout the night, that would be amazing!). 

Please share the Just Giving link with your network and encourage as many people as possible to take part in this fun, silly and exhausting event.

To register for your free meeow online networking account, just head to the meeow page on the Yorkshare site and request an introduction.