The free way to clean up your fleet’s vehicle emissions

The free way to clean up your fleet’s vehicle emissions

The free way to clean up your fleet’s vehicle emissions

Posted: 03/01/2023

Getting to zero emissions is not a light-switch event. So how can you operate your fleet more sustainably? There are things you can do today to existing vehicles to optimise freight efficiency. Some of those things cost money, and some of those things are free.

As your trusted Association Partner, we are delighted to allow you free access to our Fleetmaxx Emissions Calculator. This free-to-use number-cruncher can save fleet managers work hours by calculating the actual emission data based on the vehicle model and its fuel type in seconds.

Given the fuel prices, now seems like the time to engage or re-engage drivers in your efforts to save fuel and create fewer emissions.

Drivers are a crucial element in improving freight efficiency. Of course, how a vehicle is spec’d and how it is routed are important. Still, on a day-to-day basis, the person sitting in the driver’s seat controls the way the vehicle operates, and that behaviour can lead to big gains or losses in freight efficiency.

To help fleet managers rethink plans and solve current fleet issues, the Fleetmaxx Emissions Calculator adds up the specifics to vehicle model, registration date, fuel usage and current mileage and reports on Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), and particulate matter emissions.

As we are Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme Associates, the calculator aligns with the latest FORS Standard relating to Performance Data. FORS is a voluntary accreditation scheme encompassing safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations.

The purpose of the Emissions Calculator is to help improve operational performance, reduce costs, and minimise the environmental impact in the scope of FORS accreditation.

Fleetmaxx Solutions’ FORS practitioner, Rachel Pearson, offers support to organisations taking up the FORS scheme. She commented on the online counting tool, “Fleetmaxx Emissions Calculator makes monitoring emissions an easy task for any fleet size from a couple of vans upwards to a couple of thousand. All emissions are calculated to the equivalent kilograms of CO2 based on annual DEFRA rates using the latest FORS Standard conversion rates.”

Using the Fleetmaxx Emissions Calculator will also help you bridge that CO2 gap to comply with HMRC’s driving emissions in your fleet. Particularly concerning the Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedures (WLTP) - yet another layer of complexity and confusion for fleet managers to cope with for air quality measures.

Our solution will help you comply with reporting to develop real-time policies for company cars and future fleet choices within your business.

We’d be delighted to help your business benefit and look after your drivers with Fleetmaxx Emissions Calculator. Visit our website and try it out now. If you have a FORS enquiry, get in touch with Rachel Pearson.

Whether you have one or thousands of vehicles on the road, we can help reduce your running costs with discounted branded and tailored diesel, petrol, electric and pre-paid fuel cards, telematics tracking, dashcams, improving driver training and business insurance solutions. 

Get in touch here─ we look forward to becoming your ‘trusted partner’.