Training your new Kickstarter employee on social media and content marketing

Training your new Kickstarter employee on social media and content marketing

Training your new Kickstarter employee on social media and content marketing

Posted: 23/11/2021

Have you taken advantage of the government's Kickstart scheme?

If you have employed a 16-24-year-old in your business under the scheme, will you be using them to help produce your social media and content marketing? It can be hard to know where to start when thinking about training your new Kickstarter. 

Make the most of the extra support for your business by giving them skills to start their career.

What is the Kickstart scheme? 

The Kickstart scheme is funded by the UK Government to support young people who are currently not working. For candidates to be considered, they must be on Universal Credit and within the age bracket of 16-24 years old. 

If you have already applied to the scheme, you'll know that to be eligible you also must make sure you are training your new Kickstarter employee as part of the agreement. This is to make sure that you are teaching them valuable skills to assist in finding new roles in their future, helping the next generation of workers.

The scheme is for a minimum of 25 hours a week in a 6-month period. During this, it's important you onboard them and train your new Kickstarter employee to have the skills needed for their role in your company. 

Training your new Kickstarter on social media and content marketing.

Another requirement of the scheme is to have a brand new position for your new Kickstarter employee. It cannot be taking over from a previous role. 

One route people are choosing is to employ a candidate to help with social media and content marketing. The funding is allowing smaller companies who did not previously have the ability to create this marketing role to now do so.

Your new Kickstarter may have good knowledge of social media for their personal activity, but they are not likely to have any experience in social media or content marketing on a professional basis.

To create a successful role you should include training your new Kickstarter employee in your plan. Give them training for skills specialist to business digital marketing.

Give your Kickstarter the right start with quality training. 

Kickstarter digital marketing training with The Thinking Cap

As a specialist in social media and content marketing, I can give your new Kickstarter employee all the skills needed to make sure they hit the ground running. 

Let me help in training your new Kickstarter and yourself at the same time should you wish.

What social media and content marketing skills are included in training your new Kickstarter? 

With them starting a brand new role, you may need help assessing the tasks you would like them to undertake. Having training can be a good opportunity to discuss your targets with an industry expert. This can help to ensure your new Kickstarter can progress and learn new skills whilst understanding what they are expected to achieve.

With training from The Thinking Cap, we run through all they need to know about social media and content marketing, including - 

* The differences between personal and business posts.* Understanding your ideal audience and how to talk to them online.* Business platform basics and also the etiquette of using them.* Training on how to spot content opportunities for your industry.* The importance of branding, including logos, colour palettes, tone of voice, and consistency.* How to create striking social media graphics in Canva (a free software).* How to plan content in advance for your approval, creating content calendars.* How to schedule or post in real-time on the different platforms. * Talking about hashtag use and research which ones are best for you.* Creating a LinkedIn profile that reflects your business and attracts your ideal clients.

If your company already has some activity online, we can make sure in training your new Kickstarter the profiles/pages/groups and the content are optimised to suit your target audience. 

By focusing on free software and tools, your company's content marketing and social media presence will be professional and engaging without any additional monthly fees. 

At the end of the six-month placement, you'll have trained someone and moulded them to suit your business needs. 

How do we get started in training your new Kickstarter employees with The Thinking Cap?

To make sure the training is bespoke to not only your company, but to your new employee's skills, we start with a discovery call. I'll ask you questions to determine the level of training that's most suited. 

Once that's done, we schedule three private two-hour sessions on Zoom. If you would like to join us (or send another team member along), it could be beneficial to train your new Kickstarter and help them progress. 

These three sessions will run through your business goals, audience, and work to their levels of experience. All sessions are recorded on Zoom, so you can look back at them whenever you need to. 

But after the sessions, the support doesn't stop there. You will have access to my private Facebook group - a great place to ask questions and see the regular content tips posted. 

Not only that, you'll get a free thirty-day content planner to help them get started in their first month. 

How much does the social media and content marketing training cost? 

This specialist training is only £500. 

This equates to just a third of the £1500 funding you will have received to go towards training and equipment costs. 

Spending £500 will help to create an actionable plan with new skills to help push your business forward. 

It's a win-win. Help the next generation of workers by teaching them new skills in social media and content marketing for business. 

Once you've completed the training, you can keep your content ideas organised and flowing with 'My Digital Marketing & Social Media Content Ideas NOTEBOOK' available to buy on Amazon for only £5.99.

There’s no better time to level up your social media and content knowledge than now. My training your new Kickstarterpackage will give you the resources to comfortably create content for your business, resonating with your audience and help in growing your business. Buy the training today and let's get started!

If you're unsure and want to chat it through, let's pencil in a no-obligatory call, here.